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Payments to external assessors

External assessors who works as private individuals

These guidelines apply to foreign assessors who works as a private individual


The first time you perform an assessment for NA you need to fill out a registration form so that we can register you into our payroll system. 

Tax deduction card

Before you arrive in Norway to do your first assessment it is important that you book an appointment at the Norwegian Tax Administration. Before you can get a tax deduction card in Norway you need to meet in person for an ID control.

Tax deduction is done based on the tax deduction card that NA obtains from the Norwegian Tax Administration. Those who have not applied for a tax deduction card will be subject to a 50 % advance tax deduction. 


Fees and travel expenses are paid out in accordance with the assignment contract and approved completion of the assignment. After the completion of the assignment, you need to fill out the Salary Form – external assessor and Time specification – external assessor. If you have had travel expenses please read our guidelines and fill out the Travel expense claim form - external assessor. Please send your claim by e-mail to

Please make a reference to the accreditation number and case number in all the forms and in the e-mail heading.

After your claim has been approved, it will be included in the next round of payments on the payment schedule.   

Payment to foreign account

Payments to overseas bank accounts using IBAN and SWIFT/BIC addresses take 2-3 days longer than payments within Norway.

Invoice to Norwegian Accreditation (NA)

These guidelines apply to foreign assessors sending invoices to NA.

Invoices must be issued in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, stating the official registration number of the company, address and bank details (IBAN no. and BIC/Swift code).

Invoices with supporting documents (i.e. timesheet, travel expense form and receipts) should be sent by e-mail to All attachments must be in PDF format, clearly visible for scanning purposes and with no hidden details.

Note! Reference should be made to accreditation number and case number (ref. contract)on both invoice, timesheet, travel expense form and in the e-mail heading.

For terms and conditions, please ref. contract and “Terms and Conditions for Framework Agreement on Norwegian Accreditation Assessment Services”, chapter 4.

Please download the timespecification sheet here.

Please ref. the following website for travel expense regulations – government rates:

Invoice address to NA:

Norsk akkreditering 
P. O. Box 155
Lillestrøm bedriftssenter
Org. number: 986 028 307