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About Norwegian accreditation

Norwegian Accreditation is the national accreditation body of Norway, and is established by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries in accordance with EU Regulation 765.

Safe products and services

Norwegian Accreditation’s main objective is to ensure safe products and services in the Norwegian market, and to ensure market access for Norwegian products and services internationally. This we do by accrediting Norwegian public and private conformity assessment bodies.

Examples of such bodies are laboratories, inspection bodies, certification bodies, verification bodies, proficiency testing providers, biobanks and producers of referanse materials. We assess these bodies against international requirements for competence, management systems, work methods and quality of services.

Norwegian Accreditering is Norway`s national accreditation body for technical accreditation, and is established as a govermental body in accordance with EU regulation 765. You can read our accreditation policy here.

Norwegian Accreditation’s office is situated in Lillestrøm, close to Norway’s capital Oslo. The number of permanent employees is 40, and the name of the Director General is Inger Cecilie Laake. 

GLP-inspection and accreditation of environmental verifiers

Norwegian Accreditation has been given the responsibility for inspection of Norwegian facilities against OECS’s principles for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency has placed the responsibility for accreditation of Environmental Verifiers with Norwegian Accreditation. The latter is a part of the European  Environmental Management Audit Scheme (EMAS).

Access to accreditation services

Norwegian Accreditation carries out all of it’s activities in a non-discriminatory way. This means that Norwegian Accreditation’s services are open to all bodies applying for accreditation which complies with the relevant accreditation requirements and conditions, and which pays the accreditation fees charged.


Fees for Norwegian Accreditation’s services are decided by the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries. The fees shall cover the costs incurred by handling of the individual applications for accreditation/GLP and surveillance and renewal of already accredited/GLP-inspected bodies.

Norwegian Accreditation receives financial support over the State budget to cover costs related to participation in international associations for accreditation and GLP, development of existing accreditation schemes and for providing information to the public about accreditation. As a national accreditation body, Norwegian Accreditation is obliged to participate in the European and international associations for accreditation bodies. Here you will find an overview of relevant corporate governance documents for Norwegian Accreditation.

Read more about financing of our services here

International cooperation

Norwegian Accreditation participates actively in the European and international associations for accreditation. Norwegian Accreditation is a signatory to all of the existing multilateral recognition agreements for which we have accredited conformity assessment bodies in Norway. This ensures confidence in reports and certificates issued by Norwegian accredited conformity assessment bodies. Here you can read more about the international cooperation.

Accreditation is used by the EU and EFTA and also internationally to enhance international trade. Within the EU and EFTA there is an increasing awareness of accreditation as a useful tool in support of trade agreements. As a consequence, accreditation is used in an increasing number of areas.

Norwegian Accreditation’s strategy

Norwegian Accreditation shall cover the need for accreditation services in Norway. In doing so, good guidance shall be provided regarding the use of accreditation and the accreditation requirements. Norwegian Accreditation shall develop and establish accreditation schemes to cover the national demand for such schemes and provide efficient handling of applications for accreditation.

Norwegian Accreditation’s strategy for the period 2019 – 2023 details the areas given high priority during this period. Action plans have been prepared for each area. The strategy also explains the meaning behind our values – competent, clear and loyal. Read more about the strategy, vision and objectives in our strategy.