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Suspension is a denial of the right for an organization to perform accredited business. Upon suspension, the organization shall not offer or perform accredited services for the parts of the accredited scope that is suspended untill suspensions are lifted.

Voluntary suspension

Accredited laboratories may voluntarily apply for suspension of all or part of its scope of accreditation.

There are various reasons for wanting to be suspended voluntarily, but typical reasons are:

  • relocation of laboratory activities
  • technical issues
  • challenges in personnel since
  • which means that you can not deliver accredited services according to requirements.

Involuntary suspension

If it is revealed very serious shortcomings in compliance with the current requirements NA implements suspension of all or parts of the accreditation.

Involuntary suspension can be implemented with immediate effect.

Partial suspension

Suspensions of accreditation can be made for all or part of the accreditation.

In case of partial suspension, only some methods that are suspended. To see what methods are suspended, please inspect the details of the said scedule.