Norwegian Accreditation is a signatory to the European, and thus the global, agreements on mutual recognition of analyzes, calibrations, certificates and inspection reports.

Through this agreement, Norwegian authorities use accreditation to demonstrate compliance with EU directives and requirements of the WTO TBT (World Trade Organisation Technical Barriers to Trade) Agreements.

For Norwegian companies, accreditation means easier access to export markets as the product requirements can be met in Norway and be valid through out most of the world.

Also for import firms it is an advantage that conformity assessments are done in a mutually approved regime. Production costs go down with fewer conformity assessments and Norwegian industry can use the internationally accepted analysis and certificates to document product security to the national market surveillance authorities.

Norwegian accreditation MLA / MRA agreements

Norwegian Accreditation is a signatory to all relevant international agreements on accreditation. Read more about the international agreements under EA, ILAC and IAF in the left menu.