Fees and costs for NA services

The application fee

The application fee covers costs regarding initial contact with the applicant,
registration of the application and enclosed documentation. This fee is only charged
of organisations that does not already hold an accreditation for the concerned
accreditation standard, or when the application is for registration according to
OECD’s principles for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and the applicant does not
already hold an approval, or when the application is for accreditation as environmental
verifier and the applicant does not hold such an accreditation. The application fee for
extension of scope is charged when the applicant apply for extension within an
accreditation already given.

The fees for executive work

The fees for executive work covers NA’s and external expert’s costs in connection
with handling of applications for accreditation and surveillance and extraordinary
assessments of existing accreditations. This fee covers among other things
organisation of the assessment team, preparation for assessments, performance of
assessments and reporting from assessments. It also covers necessary witnessing of
the applicant performing its tasks. Furthermore, this fee shall cover expenses for
hiring of equipment and services as necessary in connection with these activities, and
any consultations/ meetings held.

The annual fee

The annual fee covers costs in connection with administration of the accreditations granted by NA,
included current contact with the accredited body.