EMAS, the Eco Management and Audit Scheme, is a voluntary scheme for registration of organizations that meet the requirements for environmental management and reporting. It was implemented in all EEA countries with an EU Regulation in April 1995. In Norway the regulation is implemented in the Pollution Control Act § 52.c.

Organizations wishing to participate in the scheme must satisfy a number of requirements. Essentially, the organization must develop and implement their environmental objectives, specific environmental policy and environmental management system, as well as regularly prepare and publish approved environmental statements.

Accredited verifiers shall approve the environmental statements and otherwise verify that the organization meets all the requirements of the Regulation. This is essential for the organization to be registered in the national EMAS register and the EMAS register in the EU.

NA's website has additional information of interest to accredited environmental verifiers:

  • Requirements for environmental verifiers
  • Rights verifier
  • Accreditation process
  • Costs to be accredited
  • Accredited verifiers

The two other government agencies that work actively with EMAS scheme also has information on EMAS on their websites