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EHF Invoice to Norwegian Accreditation

As a governmental organization, Norwegian Accreditation must require that Norwegian suppliers of goods and services, issue invoices and credit notes electronically in a standard - Electronic commerce format (EHF).

Norwegian Accreditation electronic address is: 986 028 307.

In the field "Your ref.", you have to state "NA"

Other information/ contact person and / or case number must be stated as usual.

Foreign suppliers are not obliged to invoice in the EHF-format.

What is electronic invoicing?

Electronic invoice is an invoice that is transmitted electronically from seller to buyer without manual processing.

In Norway, it is established a standard format for electronic invoices drawn from a European standard. The format is Electronic Commerce Format - EHF.

Transfer of files is done via access points. An access point is a messaging provider that has an agreement for the provision of documents in a structured layout to other access points.

What do you have to do as a supplier?

As a supplier, you must enter an agreement with an access point. You can produce your invoices in electronic trading format (EHF) from your own system, or use an online portal associated with an access point.

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