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Client satisfaction

Dear client. 

We, at Norwegian Accrediation, wants to improve our service. 

To do that, you must help us identify our potential improvements!

With this customer satisfaction survey, we want to get your views on how we as an organization scores in customer relations, online and during assessments.

The survey is anonymous.

1 = not satisfied, 10 = very satisfied

Client satisfaction survey

How well do you think communicate with NA works in terms of:
Content of cost estimates and project plans:
Content of ageanda and completion of it during assessements
Information from NA about the assessement team
Time spent by NA staff

2 How good do you think the availability of information on the NA website is regarding:
Finding documents
Finding accreditation scope and accredited organizations
To find contact information for NA

3 How satisfied are you with NAs assessors with regard to:
Competence of assessment team
Completion of the assessment
Reporting from the assessment

4 other feedback, comments or suggestions to NA