Norwegian accreditation aims to provide a trustworthy regime to ensure reliable and safe products and services.

When laboratories or other conformity assessment bodies (CAB) are accredited, it implies that thorough inspections of the CAB are performed on a regular basis. Qualified professionals with expertise from relevant technical disciplines do the inspection.

The assessment teams check the management system and if the CAB employees are working according to routines that are consistent with national and international requirements.

Competence to perform the accredited tasks is the focus of accreditation assessments. Thorough assessment of impartiality is key to the results. Assessments are performed regularly to document continues conformity to the accreditation requirements.

When accredited analysis results, the receiver have documentation that is as trustworthy as possible. That means consumers can have confidence in the competence of accredited providers of laboratory serviced, certificates and inspections results, regardless of country of origin.

Due to mutual recognition agreements between the accreditation bodies throughout Europe and most of the world, one test on one product shall be sufficient to market the product in several economies.