The accreditation process

First step of the accreditation process is to familarize the requirements in the relevant accreditation standard.

  • Applications for accreditation should be sent to NA on a separate application form. Quality Handbook and other relevant supporting information (specified on the application form) should be attached to the application.
  • NA case handler reviews the submitted documents and requests additional documentation if something is missing.
  • Agreement concerning the preparatory meeting with the applicant is agreed upon. At this meeting, NA discuss all that is unclear in the documentation. He/she also assess whether the organization seems ready for a final assessment (complete review.)
  • Final assessments are lead by NA lead assessor with one or more technical assessors in his/her team.
  • Non conformities found during the assessments are handled by applicant and reported to NA.
  • NA assess whether the non conformities are corrected. When NA deems conformity, accreditation is granted for relevant activities and sites.
  • Accreditation is valid for five years. During this time NA regularly survey the applicant to ensure that the activities is continuing to be in compliance with the standards. All accredited organizations are monitored each year.
  • After five years, accreditation must be renewed with a full assessment.