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New technical assessors

Norwegian Accreditation evaluates many different disciplines. In the assessment process we need external technical assessors with specific expertises.

As technical assessor in our assessment teams you will examine specific topics related to accreditation. The work is on a consultancy basis and may include a variety of missions each year.

Requirements for technical assessors:

You should have several years of experience in your field. Experience you've acquired through, for example, industrial activities, specialized laboratory work or through certification or inspection activities in relevant fields are relevant.

To work as a technical assessor in NA, you must have good Norwegian or English skills, both oral and written.

General experience in audit of quality control systems and knowledge of ISO 9001 is also valuable.

Assessments are at the company to be accreditets premises. Traveling is therefore necessary.

You must be approved as a technical assessor by Norwegian accreditation, or other accreditation bodies.


Do you think you have the necessary expertise, and want to work as technical assessor for us, please contact us.

We often need more technical assessors, and possibly your particular expertise.